Porch Lightings



– In-line switch, we are using a warm white light bulb for taking the photo. You can try the bulbs with different color temperatures to get different light effects.
– This lamp is handmade by skilled craftsmen; we hand-cut the glass pieces and assemble them into a lampshade, then the welder use tin solder to weld the glass pieces. Each process is handmade.
– Each lampshade is unique due to the different shades and shapes of glass available at the time of creation. Every lamp is a unique work of art, just like a painting or sculpture.
– You will notice the difference in color between turning the light on and off. This lamp adds a fabulous ambiance when you light it up, and it perfectly fits for your bedside, end table, coffee table, working table, and other furniture.
– Product Dimensions: 6″D x 7″W x 10″H; ‎3.19 pounds

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